19.02.2021 - 11:35

Brian D.

- Kawerau
  • Room needing work

    Living room
    Dining room
    Home office
    Office / commercial

  • Approximate square footage of project

    Less than 500 sq ft

  • Current flooring

    Hardwood or similar

  • Vinyl or linoleum material

    Vinyl sheets
    Vinyl tiles
    Vinyl planks
    Linoleum sheets
    Linoleum tiles
    Linoleum planks
    As recommended by professional

  • Special features of current flooring

    Supports and fixtures installed into floor

  • Materials Provided

    I would like the professional to include the new flooring parts in their quote

  • Customer understands that pros pay to quote

    I understand

  • How would you like to meet with the Professional?

    At the customer location

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